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Rainbow Trout - Giclee print from an original acrylic painting.

Regarded as the most widely successful of the introduced salmonids and the most widely known and recognized of the world's trout species, rainbow trout rank among the top five most sought game fish in North America. In 1973 New York State began stocking steelhead trout - a pacific version - into Lake Ontario and its tributaries. The state stocks two strains of steelhead in the region. Both strains are derived from stock taken from the Pacific Northwest. They are commonly referred to as "lake run rainbow trout" and are anadromous, which means they migrate into streams to spawn.

Image size 12 x 10-3/4". Limited Edition size 175, example: 37/125 is number 37 of a total number of 125 reproductions.

Artist Proof available: 1/25.

Limited Editions available in 12 x 10-3/4" size only.

Beautifully matted and framed original painting available - call for price. 
Rainbow Trout
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