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Pink Lady's Slipper - giclee print from a watercolor illustration.

10 x 12" image size.

Pink Lady's Slipper is a large, showy wildflower belonging
to the orchid family. It blooms in late May to late June.
The species name (acaule) is Latin, meaning, "stem less,"
referring to the fact that the leaves of the plant appear to arise
from the root and not from the plant stem. Other common
names include Moccasin Flower, Pink Moccasin Flower,
Stemless Lady’s Slipper, Squirrel Shoes, Lady's-slipper Orchid,
Pink Lady's-slipper Orchid. The pink lady's slipper is the
provincial flower of Prince Edward Island, Canada and the
state wildflower of New Hampshire, United States. 
Pink Lady's Slipper
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